Bear On Kootenay/Cassiar area

Police are constantly getting called on this bear around that area, cause the bears eating peoples garbage and Cat food that is left out for their animals. Sad to see that bears are the blame for trying to scrounge for their hibernation’s .

Funny, I was JUST going to ask on here if there were bears on Kaien Island.  I just stuck a rotten ham into my garbage and thought about how easy it would be for a bear to get into the can.

haha, ya. A friend of mine lives on the kootenay area, and I guess the Dumpster across the street was opened and the bear had seemed to have done a little dumpster diving as garbage went EVERY where. The officers were saying that they are going to try to get conservation down, and that they may get a trap going… But the funniest thing ever. they found the bear on Halloween, as such, were caring shotguns around the anchor inn and around the wooded trail, that’s what scared me. I’m glad I don’t have a kid over that area.  mind you Yes, they are trained but what would an adult say if they were confronted with an officer and a shot gun on Halloween.  :astonished:

I heard its a biggun too. 

Hopefully conservation only has to trap and relocate Bruin, and not shoot him.  Maybe we need bear-proof garbage cans around town like Whistler has. 

Oh it is a biggun and has wandered his/her way to crestview, wasn’t shy either because it wasn’t leaving my carport until it was good and ready.

Haven’t the City Workers shot them in the past?  I know a friend of mine who works for the city had some photos of one they shot a couple of years ago.  Made me sick to see those, it is not their fault they are here…It is the old question of us being on their land or vice versa, I think it is the former…

No, the RCMP shot them and the City workers took them away.

Folks must be more welcoming on th East side of town… :smiley:

With the number of rotting moose carcasses littering Wantage Road, I’m not surprised we’re getting bears and wolves hanging around town.  It’s a free buffet.

why the EFF would Anyone do that, Dumping their waste out there. and if they were “true” knowing hunters, there should NOT be waste of these beast’s as you can use most of moose for almost Anything and everything, including the bones.

Judging by the size and state of the shoulder blade my dog hauled out of the bushes, there’s quite a lot that’s going to waste, then.

It is true, last time I was up there,I know it was a couple of years now but there were carcasses everywhere, alongside of the road and off the track also.  There was a great deal of waste from what you could discern from what was left.  But, I guess the critters are having themselves a good feed and that works for me !

Never seen one in my 30 years living here

Oh, I’m perfectly happy with the bears and the wolves cleaning up the mess, just as long as none of them get euthanized for their trouble.

Or wander into your home for dessert… :astonished: