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The National Post has a story on its website that the slimebag that killed that Mountie in Hay River may be on his way to Prince Rupert. … 99&k=77263

(Not sure what kind of an idiot comes to an isolated city along a lengthy highway, with few ways in or out, but then who said criminals were smart)

They mentioned that the item was posted on the RCMP website, but I didn’t see it when I looked a few minutes ago, at any rate here’s the story, with the particulars to look for.

Just keep in mind the guy has killed a police officer, so if you think you might see him around here just phone the RCMP…

RCMP say accused Mountie killer may be going to Prince Rupert
CanWest News Service
Friday, October 12, 2007

EDMONTON – Police now believe a man accused of killing an RCMP officer in the Northwest Territories may be on his way to Prince Rupert, B.C.

Emrah Bulatci, 23, may be traveling with a woman in a navy blue or green 2002 Ford Escape, says the latest update on the RCMP Web site.

Mr. Bulatci has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Const. Christopher Worden, who was shot dead in Hay River, N.W.T., on Saturday.

Up until now, RCMP have said they believed Mr. Bulatci was in Alberta. They have conducted a number of searches in Edmonton, St. Albert and Mr. Bulatci’s hometown of High Level.

Mr. Bulatci is described as about five feet three inches tall, weighing 190 pounds. His eyebrows and hair are dyed jet black and he wears his hair in a short buzz or spiked style.

He was last seen wearing grey sweat pants, a black nylon windbreaker, a white baseball cap with blue stripes and white Nike runners with gold stripes.

****Found the RCMP site, which features the mug shot of this creep.

Hey, Podunkian, why are you taking this so personally?

Let’s hope he runs a stop sign when in Rupert…  Isn’t that how the other couple who were on the run were caught?

Anyway, here’s the photo.  Dial 911 if you see him:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I believe it was reported that they were caught for not wearing a seatbelt.

Podunk the alert is indeed on the RCMP website. I was looking at it this morning. They have a wanted section that he’s listed in.

Canadian Press website: … ebm0gx1trQ

[quote]EDMONTON - Police say a man suspected in the fatal shooting of an RCMP officer may be headed to British Columbia, although they won’t explain why they think so.

A posting on the RCMP website Friday said Emrah Bulatci may be travelling to Prince Rupert, B.C., possibly in a navy-blue or green Ford Escape, with an unknown female.

But it’s more likely he’s still in Alberta, an RCMP spokesman said.

The information that we have at this moment leads us to believe that he is still within the province of Alberta,” said Cpl. Wayne Oakes.

“In order to be diligent and prudent, the RCMP has taken the step of posting on our external website the fact that Bulatci may be travelling to Prince Rupert,” said Oakes, who declined to give any details about the B.C. connection.[/quote]

Generally I just believe that murderers belong in jail…

You have a different opinion?

Yeah I believe that they belong in jail as well, especially a cop killer should get jail and then his or her final meal. Not waste time with trials and shit which we eventually must pay for a tax payers. This clown if in Rupert will be hanging with the crack head gang and yes there are alot of them suckers around. I think every crack dealer deserves the same jail and the final meal because they are fn up many good people and our kids. I think they have no morals therefore no tomorrow.

It’s okay folks, the suspect never made it as far as Prince George… … aught.html

"Edmonton police have captured Emrah Bulatci, the man charged with the first-degree murder of a N.W.T. Mountie.

The arrest comes after a police operation that lasted several hours in a residential area in west Edmonton Friday afternoon."

It’s just that, the last I heard, they had no details of the incident, only that the cop had been killed by this guy. I know that it is very likely the guy murdered him but, without any info and not being there, there is the small possibility the cop provoked it or the guy was defending himself - I repeat, small possibility, but I’ve never been one to convict a guy when there is no hard info on the incident.

This is HTMF.  We don’t let pesky details like evidence deter us from spreading The Truth.

Well sure, we’ll let the fellow have a trial eh, but grab yourself a google page, type in the guy’s name and well Boy Scout of the Year doesn’t exactly scream out at you… : :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just wondering because of the way you were describing him: slimebag, idiot, creep . . . you’re generally one of the calmer voices on here so I thought maybe there was something personal there, like you had a cop friend that had been shot or something.

Nope nothing like that, had just done a bit of research on his lengthy career of crime in such a short period of time. As i mentioned above, just google his name and it’s hard to believe the guy ever gets bail. Now theres a topic for another day eh!

Perhaps the language was kind of strong, but I’m not really concerned if I’ve hurt the feelings of an alleged murderer.   

Absolutely classic quote, heh-heh. :sunglasses: