Be a lookie loo

You can now follow all the fun at the container port project from the comfort of your computer stall, the Port finally has their webcam up and working…

See who’s late for work, when they take lunch and who stays til the final whistle…

That’s kind of a weird place to put the camera… I figured it would be up on top of the lookout hill or something so there was more to see.  It seems like the camera could be run over at any time.

That camera is exactly what the Terrorwrists need.

Im going down there and im going to show my goodies tommorow night at 8pm.  Make sure you tune in.

Have they opened the look-out area again yet?


Hmmm… so far it’s pretty boring there…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

this is the worst webcam i’ve ever seen

You obviously never saw the CHSS library coffee-pot webcam.


Oh man, that was classic.

I enjoyed that webcam:-)  I’m taking perverse pleasure in visiting:

Just turned on his strobe light, and other lights…wow…I need to get a life. :smiley: