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Great logic. Dude killed his parents but donated half the inheritance to charity so all is well. We cant let shit like this stand in a democratic society, people need to go to jail when they break the law or we need to repeal the law.

yes they were deleted but they were also backed up and was presented at the court if i’m remembering it correctly, and if it is so clear cut why isn’t the NDP which had all the evidence that the government was ordered to produce for about a year now as have all the news media and not one iota of evidence about any government MLA being involved? why has the NDP stopped asking questions about it for about a year now? could it be their generosity to the Liberals? of course not it is because lack of evidence.

Like I said before this is more a political opinion of whether you agree with the sale or not.
If you want to talk about an MLA that actually did commit a felony and didn’t get punished for it we can bring up a certain leader if you like after all there are plenty of facts on him and the felony.