BC Liberals lied? No way!

In the fast go-go car on the Super “Keeping BC Strong” Highway, there is no time – no time! – to tell the truth. None of that. We’ve got an election to drive… er, win.  

So they knew what we all knew they should have known before they would admit they knew it. The deficit suckas!

Gary Mason, a favourite of mine, wrote a fairly even-handed piece about this.

theglobeandmail.com/news/nat … le1273992/

[quote] Mr. Hansen is saying now that even after learning the deficit could be $1.1-billion more than anticipated, he stuck to his line that it would be only $495-million because he thought the revenue shortfall could be made up through a combination of program cuts, tax increases and money the government was getting from Ottawa for harmonizing its sales tax with the federal goods and services tax.

Right. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. Mr. Hansen would have been getting regular economic updates from his staff throughout the spring, leading up to the election call on April 16. And his staff would have told him that their own forecasters were changing their revenue projections downward. And that those forecasts would have a colossal impact on the budget numbers released in February.

And if they weren’t telling Mr. Hansen this, they should be fired. Because everyone else in the Western world seemed to know.

Does any of this matter? Does anyone care, other than reporters and political junkies? I’m not sure. But I believe we all should care because it speaks to the integrity and honesty of our politicians. And the day we stop caring about whether they are being truthful and forthright with us is the day we take a huge step back as a society.

In the spring of this year, the Liberals campaigned on budget numbers that were complete fiction. And now we know that even they knew it.

I guess they just didn’t have the heart to tell anyone. [/quote]

I suppose those who are Liberal apologists will immediately throw out the salvo “If the NDP were in charge they would have done the same.” Save it. They weren’t in charge and they MIGHT have done the same. Regardless, the issue isn’t what party told us the lie because it was these suckas that lied. Right to our face.

The question now is does this remain acceptable. Are British Columbians expected to take this and “move on”? Perhaps, you can answer that, HTMFers.

As for me, I will accept this. Why? To keep BC Strong.

I know how to fix this deficit! Take a tip from up here:
Just leave those LED signs warning of construction up and don’t remove the temporary construction 50 kmh signs during the Olympics.
Then you can fine every other vehicle on the road $500 for “excessive speeding” and double it because it’s a construction zone.
Just like they leave them here at 2:00 am when there’s no one working.

But on that road they’re going to Whistler so they have money and can afford the fines!