BC Liberals gift to senior citizens

It looks like all senior citizens in a care home in BC will be getting a 10% increase in their monthly rent. (Or from 70% of total income to 80% of total income)
It must make the politicians feel warm and fuzzy to shaft the most vulnerable people, people who for the most part cant fight back!
My god how I love this government that pissing away millions of dollars just on goddamn security for these useless Olympic games, let alone the millions and millions that will only benefit the City of Vancouver! (Whistler is already rich enough)
Nail the vulnerable old people for the cash to fill the treasury. Pardon my language, which I don’t normally use in print, but YOU BASTARDS! YOU BASTARDS! You take a 10% cut in pay!
Some of these politicians must have a relative in a care home and must have at least some empathy for those that they see when they visit. People that are alone, and from the meager income they have, now more is taken away.
If society is judged by the way it treats it’s most vulnerable citizens, then this society is failing!
We elect these politicians to represent all of us, not just the ordinary working people, or the rich people, but also the underprivileged and aged that are all alone in this ‘Best Place On Earth’

Very well said!


Well said.  I take some consolation in knowing that I helped to re-elect Mr. Coons.  Unfortunately this is what the people of BC want, they elected the heartless bastards yet again.  Perhaps by 2013 the people of BC will be a bit more angry with the Liberals.  Time will tell.

Yeah you would think these so-called smart people who voted the liberal assholes in would of been able to figure this party of clowns do not have any feelings beyond their red sweaters. Everybody is fair game when it comes to their taking money. Seniors who for the most part have contributed to this province & this country for so many years, now being put up on the block and being held ransom. It is so unfortunate that we must wait till 2013.

Indeed.  I think that the people of BC are slow to anger, but, even my right-wing friends are upset with the Liberals (they hate the HST).  The Liberals may face a voter backlash in 2013.

No I think they will pull some scam out of the hat a few months before to baffle their supporters, put on their red sweaters and go around the province like they usually do selling their used car faces and lies. They will gather their supporters with false promises and a little money gift here and there. When its all over the suits will all look like this.

HaHa…Gotta love it !!  Can I borrow that little fella J.C., know a few people I could email that too  :imp: Anonymously, of course  :wink:

Go for it Cobybear I can send it to you or you may be able to right click and save.

What is the source of that information please? I don’t dispute the accuracy, but a citation for research purposes would be helpful, including for how the 10% is calculated.

My understanding is that HST will apply only where GST is currently charged (unless the province exempts the provincial portion on a specific good or service) but there is no GST charged on rent; so I don’t see how HST can be charged.

Also, the Residential Tenancy Reg limits annual rent increases to the inflation rate + 2%, which would be less than 10%.

It was a news item on CBC radio Thursday. It is my understanding that it will be 10% more in rent than it is now, or 80% of an individuals income for the previous year as per
their notice of assessment.
It was 70% of an individuals income up till now.
If the rent was $1000 per month it will be $1.100.
If an individual has a yearly income of $20,000. the rent will be 80% of that instead of 70%. $16,000 instead of the previous $14,000.

cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … rates.html

We need ‘death panels’  then the problem is solved.

If the numbers posted on this thread are accurate, then it’s more than 10%.

If you’re paying 70% of something now, and have to pay 80% of something in the future, the increase is closer to 15%.

And the senior that saved and did everything right so they get $80,000 a year from their investments will see a $667 a month increase.
A 14.3% increase not 10%.

How lowcan you go?
Stealing from grandparents… eewwww. No shame, like skanky crackheads, no shame at all.

LOL I refuse to take the blame, I always vote NDP.