BC Hydro Smart Meters

I don’t know if this subject has been brought up yet. But here’s my beef. We got a smart meter put on in November I think it was. I am on an equal payment plan with Hydro and did not receive a bill for this past month so I phoned them. When the girl came by at the beginning of the month the reading was a lot higher than usual. It was Christmas and we did have a few extra lights on in the house but none on the outside as we usually do. So they did not send a bill, and when I phoned them inquiring why, they said they are waiting for the reading for the month of January to see if there’s a difference. Well its gonna be even higher because it was so cold and we left the heat on low during the nights in most of rooms of our house. We normally turn the heat off at night. I’m a member of Power Smart and try to save electricity. I noticed on the Global Facebook page people have complained about higher Hydro bills, some not. My meter that they replaced wasn’t even that old, so I don’t know how the bill could be so much higher. Has anybody else noticed a higher than usual Hydro Bill ?

I think my meter jamming was successful. The meter reader came and read our meter a couple of weeks ago. We were the only house on our street that was read.

Just kidding, of course, but I think my wireless networks overpower the smart meter pretty easily. Coincidentally, I’ve also moved a couple of antennas to the room right next to the meter.

Our electricity usage was actually down from the same time last year, despite the record low temperatures.

My last hydro bill was for Oct. I was expecting one in Jan. for Nov/Dec, but nothing. I haven’t called them yet, but was thinking it odd. My meter was switched out in Nov. Anyone else expecting their bill in Jan. and not get it?

This really worries me. I have two small children and our savings have been drained. We got our StupidMeter in December. We’ve used a fair bit of hydro due to the cold in the last month.

Rather disheartening that we have to pay so much for Hydro in British Columbia with all our natural streams, dams and rivers. Need to de-privatize Hydro contracts and get it back under control of the province again. I “hear” something to the effect of %23 of Hydro is supplied by smaller power plants throughout the province, run and sold by private companies.