BC Housing

Okay, silly question…

Where, exactly is BC housing?  I thought it was close to the hospital, 'cause someone told me that, but my husband told me it’s at the end of 11th East… Anyone know for sure?

Are you looking for the BC Housing Office or actual building/townhouse rental locations?

The actual houses

Thing is, they are all over town.

My dad lives in one of the buildings on Hays Cove Ave, just by Conrad school.
I believe there are some at the end of 11th as well, and also on the west side of town by Kootenay/Summit.

Okay, well that makes sense then…  I was thinking they were just in one area.

Thank you!

You’re welcome :smile:

The blue ones on Park Avenue are also BC Housing.

The apartments in the area of Kootenay Ave/McKay St/Summit/Park Ave are almost all BC Housing.  I believe only the 2 buildings at the 1799(ish) block of Kootenay, the apartments right across from the ambulance station, and the next 2 buildings over are the only ones in that area that aren’t BC Housing.

Then there are the ones at the end of 10th east, the ones on Hays Cove avenue by Conrad, and the apartments that border on Frederick St, by the park.

roosevelt heights and cliff side are not bc housing the 2 sets of buildings that smartass is speaking of

Ah thanks for the names… I had no clue what they were.