BC former Chief Justice Donald Brenner dies

"Donald Brenner, the former chief justice of the B.C. Supreme Court, died suddenly on Saturday, the current chief justice said.

“The Court has lost a great colleague and friend. The Province has lost an outstanding citizen,” Robert Bauman said in a statement Sunday that referred to the “sudden death” of Mr. Brenner, but provided no other details…

“As a leader, Don was quiet, effective, strong and compassionate. As a lawyer and judge he was a superb mediator with astute business and financial judgment, talents which allowed him to resolve many of the most difficult business law cases brought before our Court.”

Mr. Brenner served on the Supreme Court for 17 years, nine of them as chief justice. In 2009, he resigned from the bench.

He joined the firm of Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LP as senior counsel focused on dispute resolution using mediation and arbitration.

Mr. Brenner was also a director and vice chair of the Vancouver Foundation – Canada’s largest community foundation. And he served on the Rhodes Scholarship selection committee for British Columbia… "

Story source: tinyurl.com/4o3qt7f
Ferman Photo (August/09) Prince Rupert Law Courts, 100 Market Place