BC For Sale

BC for Sale from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

"May 12 is election day in BC. Get informed about what could happen if the Liberals get back into power.

This was produced by a couple of independent filmmakers out of concern and love for British Columbia. No funders, no sponsorship, no political affiliation…

Feel free to forward or embed this video on your site. We need to get this message out."

That’s a great vid Mig.  Great find.  :wink:

All of those aspects are so true.

A great vid produced by a gorgeous woman. I’m in!

Mig. thanks alot for that piece of video, very serious shit there and something which should be taken to heart. Thanks again.

On Liberal plan #3: Do people concede that renting is different than selling? No matter what kind of political spin you want to try and put on it–the water is being rented, not sold. The companies renting the water have to abide by very stringent regulations, and as soon as they don’t meet them they lose the privelidge of working on our water. These regulations are so stringent that (contarary to Carol James’ claim that over 200 permits were granted… a number she later changed to 120) only 61 companies have had their requests granted–over 150 have been turned down because they couldn’t abide by the regulations.

What this does is keep British Columbians off the hook when it comes to power projects. Since IPPs are funded by the companies, they take all the risk. If they’re successful, BC is successful. If they’re unsuccessful, BC has their money and still has the water.

The other night when asked about BC’s water being for sale, Mr Pond said right away that BC’s water isn’t for sale. When you look at the actual policies in place, it’s clear he’s correct. You might not agree with the policies–but there is a distinct difference between renting and purchasing. I wonder if all the people in the audience who heckled Mr Pond think they’re allowed to keep a DVD they rent from Movie Gallery because they “bought” it… because the movie was “for sale.” Clearly, no.

Tell me how much difference there is between sale and perpetual lease?

There’s a difference between a 1-night rental with late fees and a 40 year lease with right of first refusal, etc.

Unless you are suggesting that Herb Pond wants to rent BC rivers for just 1 night at a time.

But that’s only if they abide by all the government regulations for the entire time. What’s wrong with a 40 year lease if the ecosystem that was in place before remains strong and a successful IPP emerges, ready to provide extra energy to British Columbians? And again, it’s unlikely we’ll agree in regards to whether or not IPP’s themselves are a good thing (good when NDP are in power, bad when NDP trying to get power back…)—all I was doing was pointing out that, like it or not, BC’s rivers are not for sale.

I’m still catching up on this issue but something we must always be wary of is that corporations have a horrible track record when it comes to adhering to regulations and often disregard penalties (if the profits hugely outweight them). And governments haven’t done much better in enforcing regulations with large corporations, especially if lots of money is rolling in.

Unless you are suggesting that Herb Pond wants to rent BC rivers for just 1 night at a time. [/quote]

You might be onto a new revenue stream there Mig. Micro Leasing.

great video thanks for posting it, I knew most of the stuff but, seeing the video makes me feel way better about my vote, thanks again and thanks to Twyla Roscovich, she does great work…

But that’s the thing–75% of applications have been denied because the companies couldn’t adhere to the regulations. Obviously we can’t be sure that the 25% that have been approved will continue to abide by the regulations–that remains to be seen.

I guess Herb Pond is ok with taking that risk.

British Columbia’s Watershed Election

We need to send the Message LOUD and clear to Gordo and Company on election day that BC is NOT FOR SALE. Three of these proposed IPP run of the river projects are on tributaries to the Skeena river between Prince Rupert and Terrace right here in our own back yard, so for those of you who don’t think this is going to affect us locally think again. One of the only ways we as individuals have to affect any change at all in this policy is with your vote, so use it wisely.

My vote was made yesterday and yes I saw the info on our rivers and all the talk of selling off this area and the thought of our rivers going to the best bid. These liberals look you square in the eye and lie without a blink, it is a sin how they take BC. citizens for granted and fools.