BC Ferries

Some kinda trouble on the ferry today. Was headed to the Charlottes, but had to get towed back to Rupert earlier this afternoon. Sounds like it took a beating.

boy are we surprised… you would think they would of had that thing up and running for the open waters by now… oh wait  I guess there pay cheque’s are more important then the lives of others…

the mayor of Queen Charlotte said the ferry should come over and service
the island regardless of the weather - and she is going to stick up for us
Islanders again this week when she finds out it turned back because of
a little bit of wind - we need to get our groceries on Monday (milk etc)
or we have none to put in our tea - and she likes tea

Well judging by what I’ve read so far about this particular journey, it was a little more than “a little bit of wind”, from all accounts it appears to have been a pretty harrowing attempt to cross Hecate Strait.

They never should have left the dock - they were well aware of the impending storm.  Everytime the ferry leaves on time the captain gets a performance bonus…his decision to leave the Prince Rupert in those conditions should send a message to BC ferries management that captians are putting performance bonus’s before passenger safety…I’m appalled by the lack of judgement in this situtation

10 m waves are a tad high … I think the boat is rated for safe travel at 3m … that is a big difference … lucky for bc ferries that there were no serious injuries.  Dont’ think I will travel on this one anytime soon.

I feel sorry for those that suffered car damage.  BC Ferries says passengers will have to pay the deductible to get their cars fixed.  As if the car fare isn’t outrageous enough :confused:

Sure getting publicity these days. Today they rescued a jumper off the Comox-Powell River run.
Sound a hell of a lot more exciting than stale jokes from the WestJet crew…

10m waves?? Fishing boats don’t go out in that. And they’re built for rough seas.

:astonished:…holy crap, they were out there for four hours trying to turn the boat around, that must have been freaking scary…passengers  fearing for their lives
Quote from Gary Coons / CBC:
The Northern Adventure has a reputation for instability, even in calm waters,and has been nicknamed " vomit comet " by regular passengers.

Yup  even the coast guard boat Point Henry would not be viable in that situation … are they frigging nuts!