BC Drunk Driving Laws

I’d like to agree with you but I just cant until there are provisions to dispute the fines/punishment. You might be able to trust a cops word but I sure as hell don’t after all the shit we’ve seen from them lately.

Also at .05 you arent drunk or even buzzed so why the fine/suspension? and why is all of this at the officers discretion with no oversight?  what recourse do you have if the Breathalyzer unit is faulty or rigged? none… great.

It sure is easy to see who hasn’t lost a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver.

Throw the book at them.  If you drink - DON’T drive!

I’ll second that

Looking to be a majority here, I third that.

Well I’ll join the other side.
The .08 figure was arrived at by scientific research. Most people show measurable signs of impairment at .08. It’s not a made up arbitrary figure, and laws already allow 24 hr suspensions at .05.
There’s also due process in place.
The new laws are a cash grab, a reward to impound lot operators, an end run to avoid the courts and due process and the squawking’s already begun about “secrecy”. So the driver of your kid’s schoolbus gets nailed under the new law and you never know he was even charged. Not that it matters, because he might not even have in fact been impaired. A cop said so. That’s all it takes.
So the first time you get pulled over by one that doesn’t like your face, beware.

This won’t stand up to a court challenge, as there is no due process.  You have no way to defend against the charge. 

The first time they pull this on a lawyer, the law will be overturned.

I don’t think you should drink and drive either, but something smells a little fishy about this law. How about the day after your “night out” when your car has a “sleepover” and you walk down the next day and pick up your ride.  You may still have lots of ETOH in your system (HANGOVER) … but are you DRUNK ?

Be a dick .    Take a cab

DD fines, HST/GST harmonization, etc., are all required by the Liberals to pay off the Olympic bill.

I thought drunk driving fines were imposed to try and stop selfish assholes from killing innocent people. Don’t drink and drive, pretty easy to understand. Don’t smoke the left handed stuff and drive either.

I smoke and drive all the time  :laughing:

Man, you are cool.

It takes about an hour and a half for an average person to process a drink. Use common sense. If you went to sleep at 3am and you’re going to pick the car up at 12 the next day, you’re probably fine… and if you can feel that you’re NOT okay than you should wait a bit longer.

The only people who should be worried about the new .05/.08 are people who know they drive home after a drink or two. Howbout don’t? If you’re going out ‘drinking,’ make other plans. If you’re going out for dinner and know you have to drive home, have a water or pop instead of a glass or two or wine. It’s simple stuff, and it’ll save lives.

The only people who should be worried about the new .05/.08 are people who know they drive home after a drink or two. [/quote]

And those who don’t trust the RCMP, or those who like the rule of law and due process.  If you’re fine with your average RCMP officer, not a judge, deciding who receives punishment, then you shouldn’t be worried about the new law.

Because if history has taught us one thing, it’s that the average RCMP officer is trustworthy.

Just don’t drink n drive. It’s that simple

If .o8 is the limit for impairment , what is charging people who are less that that other than a money grab?  Sure throw the book at people over .08 but the rest is b.s.

I don’t really care if it’s a “money grab” you shouldn’t be driving a car even after one drink. Because even that one drink could have an effect on you.

Yep, it’s a bull shit money grab by corrupt police officers using
faulty or rigged breathalyzers and denying us due process while maintaining

IF any of this were true it has no practical significance if you just
don’t drink and drive…how hard is that to understand?

Why not create a zero tolerance law for drinking and driving instead of leaving it up to interpretation?  This new law is  b.s and penalizes people who are in that legal gray area.

Why do you have any right what so ever to be in that “grey area”? It’s drinking and driving. If you ask me, some of you have your priorities mixed up.