BC Civil Liberties concerns on policing in Northern BC

My point is we expect the RCMP to be there any time anything falls apart. And the city is economically depressed and they keep cutting back on the number of RCMP. What I’m saying is I’ve been to meetings when the RCMP have tried to point out problems, and there’s no money. We have to work with them, but at the same time we have to recognize that we can’t expect them to look after all of our social ills.
– Retired mental health nurse, participant in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Some interesting details coming out of a BC Civil Liberties report on the RCMP in Northern and Rural BC, offering up a review of policing in the region.

The report can be found here:

bccla.org/othercontent/Small … ustice.pdf

Prince Rupert section is pages 81-84

The Information release outlining the report here:

marketwire.com/press-release … 393324.htm

And The media coverage thus far here:

opinion250.com/blog/view/192 … cla+report

vancouversun.com/Civil+Liber … story.html

theprovince.com/Northern+tak … story.html

cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … tions.html