BC Assessment

The new assessed values for our homes have been released for 2008.  You can find the ‘value’ of your house here.

I hope my taxes don’t go up any higher to correspond with the increased ‘value’ of my house!  I (and everyone else) pay enough!

My house is now assessed at $75,000 more than I paid for it 9 years ago.

My house is assessed $60000+ from last year. :frowning: :frowning:

Mine is over $133,100 that what I paid in 2001.  WOHOO!!!

Mine went up $10,000 from last year…I guess my taxes will go up too, lol. :smiley:

I would think that they could increase the taxes a TINY bit to pay for a domain name…

Hopefully not through Citywest. $15/mo for domain hosting is so bad it’s genius!
citywest.ca/kitimat/internet … peed_plans

Only if you’re one of those with $1.95 domains that’s surprised by the $75 charge for tech support calls.
I charge 9.95 - 19.95, I don’t have a single customer that even knows what an FTP is… or seems to notice until someone calls and tells him his website returns

Well, my husband was looking back at all the homes we’ve owned over the past ten years last night and the house in Prince Rupert fared the best/poorest overall. Best in the sense that it’s only gone up about $20,000 over the past eight years (must not be much action in that old neighbourhood when it comes to house sales) but poor for resale. In comparison, our last two homes near the BC/Alberta border have pretty much doubled in assessment value since 1999 and the home we have here on the Island is worth double the price of our Rupert house and they are fairly comparable in size and upgrades.

It’s definitely still location,location,location…at least in my mind.  :smiley:

My assessment was up $33,000 from last year.  The value they set is just about equal to what my sister paid for the house back in '96.