Battlefield 2

Is anyone else grossly disappointed with BF2?

I was saying Booo-urns…

What is it?

I played about five minutes of it at Ilmer’s house, and it seemed pretty cool. But today he told me, and I quote, “Do not buy BF2.”

Well it does have a number of problems with it that never should have made it to release. Despite that, and the patch they released that REALLY fubar’d things up (which has since been corrected), the game is playable. I find the net code to be pretty solid and the game is fun to play. The gameplay is the same as the rest of the Battlefield franchise.

Once they get a couple of decent patches under thier belts there shouldn’t be too many more problems to complain about. I just wish game developers would make sure the games are solid before releasing them.


its desert combat with better graphics and the infantry is pretty tricked out. like the medics have shock paddles and you can kill people with them aswell as resurrect fallen team members. vehicles are hella cool, airstrikes from artillery, its really like a full out war game, but i really prefer CS:Source

games suck

is the artillery actually usable in bf2?
it is possible i will obtain it through other means then retail purchase.

WoW stole my soul.

WoW tends to do that

poor wowers. The only cool thing about wow is leroy jenkins

I hate to be the one to dredge up an old thread (well, I love it), but I think you all need to see this.

Peter so knew it, I bet he was too ashamed.