Who is playing Batman in the new movie?
I sure hope the joker somes back and kicks his ass.

By the way, I wonder if there will be a Superman vs Batman movie?
There was a comic book.

Than they could make a movie called Aliens vs The Cat from outter space.

Go Jake Go. :open_mouth:

Christian Bale… Bruce Wayne/Batman

Yeah, I saw the trailer last week, thought it looked pretty cool, much darker and more serious than the last few. Here’s the trailer:

Yes, they way it should be, should be more serious, otherwise they screw up the movie when they mess around with the characters. :open_mouth:

I love this little (shock :open_mouth: ) smiley. : )

The new batmobile sucks my left nut.
Tim burton’s was godly.

Hmm… I wonder what the Scarecrow’s power/strength is? This Ra’s Al Ghul person is supposed to be using a sword or something.