Anyone good at making BartPE disks?
I spent a whole night setting up a new one, I chose CLAMAV and tested the first CD it worked as long as you copied it into RAM and ran it. Then I had to add the new ‘runscanner’ so that HijackThis and MsConfig ran, XPE, Forefox and newest AdAware. Made 5, tossing each one as I fixed problem after problem.
The last one I tried yesterday was great, but now CLAMAV no longer works! Shit!
Anyone else use Bart disks?
(also noticed that with BartPE “fixboot” is not a recognized command! And chkdisk /f instead of /p or is it vice versa?)

I downloaded mine… There are few others out there are better…but ya…umm I cant remember them at the moment…

I need something like BartPE. Yesterday I booted a system in for repair, went into the front and decided to upgrade a public machine to Ubuntu 7.04.
The customer box was so full of viruses and spyware, I managed to install Ubuntu, upgrade the Java and download Limewire by the time the Windows thing was booted. Wouldn’t surf or use USB so I had to regedit, dump the startup, load AVG and AVGAS and Winsock fix from CD  and run them without updating, then reboot and discover yet more problems.
When I left, I’d managed to install Ubuntu 7.04 on two machines, configure the shared Windows printer & Limewire, plus fix that server in the time it took for 1 XP repair.
I’m also getting pissed at my tech fucking around for 3 days on a repair while the customer bitches.

I have used this…and Like it you can download it…from torrent sites… I’m Sure… … mander2005
then of course knoppix for running virus scans…
Bart PC
can be found on torrent sites…good luck

i found this UBCD4WIN + extras
A BartPE (basically a Windows XP LiveCD) disc with all kinds ofvirus/spyware removal tools, diagnostic utilities, remote registryediting capability and more.
here is the download

heres one of the best recovery systems known in windows world … fault.aspx
it is everything youre looking for find it on any bit torrent site.