Bar Music

To make a long story short… I’m needing some ideas to compile cds to play in a bar. Please reply with any songs that come to mind. Thanks!

tupac - black jesus

If your bar is the Surf, it’d be a safe bet to play a lot of Thunderstruck…

Can everyone please post one song that they wouldn’t mind listening to in a bar. PLease??!

anything by UO

It depends, what kind of bar?

50 cent - in da club

Umm, a bar in the hood? And ya, what’s the theme in this bar?

Guitars and Cadillacs by Dwight Yoakam

Kung Fu fighting

I tend to hear Summer of '69 in a fair number of clubs.

It depends on what you like, and what you think your audience will like. I haven’t really done the clubbing thing lately, but when I did back home I’d go to some places that’d play music like NIN and rage against the machine, and others that would play levellers and great big sea… Depends on what mood you’re in…

Why do you ask? Got a job as a dj?

No, the music at the bar I work at, sucks. So my boss is paying me 10 bucks a cd.

Westside Connection ft. Nate Dogg - The Streets

I haven’t been interested in ‘club life’ since I was 19 (4 years ago) Therefor I assumed that hiphop & dance was played out. I guess I’m wrong.
But so far I have compiled a mix of music consisting of all the top 40 crap, 80s rock, punk, alternative, etc etc.
But please suggest more tracks. As it is always hard to keep the whole crowd happy, your input is valuable.

( oh and there isnt nearly the amount of gangsters in the town compared to Rupert, hah)

Know a good band for a bar mitzvah?

If you’re doing an electronic night try the following:

Covenant-Dead Stars
VNV Nation-Legion
VNV Nation-Standing
VNV Nation-Dark Angel
Project pitchfork-Daimonion
Project Pitchfork-Timekiller

However, it’s hard to give you songs to play when you haven’t really stated what type of crowd you’re trying to cater to…

Strict Machine by Goldfrapp

Kinda slowish for a club, but its the song from the Gameboy Advance commercial.

Any ACDC song.

Where’s Your Head At - Basement Jaxx

Begin to Wonder by Danni Mingue

The crowd varies. That is why I have a bit of everything. Friday night for example there were mainly punks. Therefor I played alot of MXPX, NOFX, Bad Religion, Mellincolin, Guttermouth, and good ol classic rock. They all loved me and gave me many thumbs up. So that was a relief.
If there were a lot of women in the club I definately would have played some dance music, being as the young girls usually like to dance.
I think the hardest customers to satisfy would definatley be the middle age men.
But thanks for your help guys. If you think of anything else, please post!!

Shania!!! Always play shania. Best music for dancing and partying!