Bar association condemns Bill S-10

The Canadian Bar Association has joined the John Howard Society in condemning Bill S-10.

[quote]Major players in the legal system are calling Canada’s Bill S-10 inhumane and unjust, and with good reason. The bill would amend Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act with mandatory minimum sentences for pot offences and increase the maximum, in some cases, to life behind bars.

Most media have focused on the fact that Bill S-10 would throw growers in jail for six months for a measly five plants. Yet there are far worse consequences for pot lovers in the bill’s frightening amendments, including a complete overhaul of Canada’s criminal justice system, jails, and ultimately our freedom-loving culture.

Although the Canadian Senate is still debating the bill, it is now dominated by Conservative members. So it is likely that the bill will pass in the Senate and be sent back to the House of Commons for readings, debate and a final vote. Time is running short for Canadians to take action and voice their concerns.
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