Banning pit bulls?

interesting flash on pitbulls, i think they were just banned in ontario or someplace?

A girl form our High School put a donation can to save pitbulls in our shop. Two people asked if they could put ammo in the can! One of them said ‘to weed out some of the pit bull owners’…

My cocker spanial was a mean little bitch. I’ve got scars from that damn dog.

I think the main thing that scares people about pit bulls is their size.

I mean that one photo with the baby and the pit bull that was just damn scary.

I think they are loving dogs, but just like anything they can fall into the hands of the wrong people.

From my experience with K9s I have discovered that most animals are indeed great judges of character.

I have to say banning a breed of dog is silly. I remeber a time when doberman pinchers were the bad ass dogs and people wanted them banned too or Rotwellers which I think are more dangerous then pitbulls
here is a 2 pics of me and my son with my friends American Amstaff (Pitbull) this dog has one numerous prizes. all over North America. This dog is so gental with my son, Im able to let them walk to together. My son cant walk that well but this dog (Jen) does never run away or bolt and when my son falls jen waites for him to get back up.
All I’m saying is that all dogs are not the same as, like people, dogs can be aggressive, yappy, trusting, gental. but to ban a breed becouse a few are bad is not good. I think alot of people do not take responsibity of there animal, which in turns can couse aggressive animals. here is some pics of me and shane

Banning any breed is stupid. As it’s been mentioned, dobermans were once the dog breed everyone worried about. If you waved a magic wand and made all pitbulls disapear, people would just be worried about another breed. The real problems are the owners. There is just no teeth to the laws that punish dog owners for not controlling thier dogs.

Just today my father was out in Rupert walking my lab. A guy with two large breed dogs, one of them some sort of mastif cross, came by with both dogs off the leash. In a split second the two dogs shot accross the street (my dad always try’s to keep a distance from other dog owners out of respect and to avoid problems) and started attacking my lab. Now luckilly my dad was able to kick at them and stall them long enough for the owner to come and get them, but it every well could have ended in my dog getting seriously damaged or worse.

So WTF is with people walking dogs off the leash? This time it was a dog they went after… next time it might be your son or daughter. My dog is the biggest coward in the world and in my eyes would never attack anyone. I still walk him on a leash though not just because it’s the law. It’s the right thing to do.


Should we also ban minorities? The poor?

I agree with mike.

People who are scared of dogs need to learn that most wont try and kill ya.

I mean my friend has a very big dobermen /huskey and it will bark at

everything , very scary and it could eat you if it wanted to. . But the thing

has a heart of gold because it was trained, most people buy pitbulls (for gruad dogs) when

there babies so they will behave around them not other people. So if a pitbull

bites someone dont run the whole race outta the prov. Damn you DOG HATERS damn you all to hell.

Walking a well behaved dog without a leash is fine.

well thats what it really comes down to, like the flash said, there is no breed that is inherently viscious, some are just more damaging when they are. It comes down to the owner of the dog to teach it how to behave. I mean lots of those tiny little dogs seem far more viscious than any large breed an its cause the owners don’t worry about training them cause they’re so small that they are very unlikely to hurt anyone. People who own dogs have a resposibility to have a certain amount of control over them ie training, leash, fence, etc. iv never had a dog myself but being around any dog where the owners have taken the time to take proper care of it is great, they are great animals to have around no matter what the breed. It’s the owners who are at fault, an that’s where the attention should be directed.

People hated blacks at one time too, and pretty much tried to ban them from even being SEEN in public. Looks like we’re recessing back in time and trying to apply old (assanine) tactics to new problems. So much for evolution.

It is the people who own the dogs that train them to be vicious; not the entire damn breed!!! What about people who own (legally or not) exotic animals like lions, tigers, and bears? I’m more worried about those pets escaping from their yards and EATING me, then someone’s pissed off dog! Crack down on the negligent OWNERS and not the BREED of dog.

Whaddaya mean, “at one time”?

I dont think so and why you ask, couse the other dog thats running after your dog who is off the leash couse its so well behaived, will do what it needs to do 1. sniff the other dog . 2 protect it self. have you ever got in-between 2 dogs fighting, yikes… watch out. All dogs need to be on a leash. I love dogs. But I dont know the other dog, and what its going to do. dogs are animals and can be Unpredictable.

If a dog is running after some other dog, then it’s obviously not well behaved and or well trained.

she could also be in heat

Would a responsible owner walk a dog who’s in heat around without a leash?


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