Banned in Beijing?

It’s with interest that we read of Earle Gales attempts from China to keep connected with Prince Rupert through htmf and atowncalledpodunk…

Mig, cancel the trip to the Great Wall…

Whatever did you let filter through to allow for such a status as having htmf banned? :wink: … 62642.html

Sounds like Bejing has nailed your imperialistic, reactionary ass  :wink:

Apparently isn’t on the government internet blacklist.  :evil:

I think I actually checked this a few years ago with a friend in Shanghai. He couldn’t access any of the sites on this server then either. So it has been the case for a long time.

So I guess the alleged left wing bias of htmf isn’t left wing enough for the communists :wink:

Banned by the Peoples Liberation Army, who also own COSCO and the pulp mill. Coincidence?

Maoism in China is officially dead anyway.

Thanks to the reforms introduced in 1978 the Chinese government today somewhat resembles to the government of Gordon Campbell, except they played the cards better to the point of having America on her knees.

At least they’re not as bad as the North’s Kim Jong-il and the South Korean government of 2MB (Lee Myung-bak).

Coming soon to your neighbourhood near you:

Prince Rupert SAR, People’s Republic of China


Hey, we discovered the west coast before the British did.


Is there something you wish to tell us?..
What part of the states did you say you were from again?..  
HTMF gets banned in China, and then Louie turns up, coincidence? :smiley: