Ban on exotic animals

From the Friday Paper

“Hi Bob come over to my house I just build this pool to hold my pet whale, no really you got too see itâ€

we arent allowed chickens or ducks or any kind of live stock either.
i can understand hooved animals because they get hoof rot in the muskeg if not taken care of properly.
but why the hell cant i have a duck?
or a bunny for that matter… because that falls under livestock too


i know people who have chickens on the island, and rabits for eating…

I’ll hopefully have a bunch of ducks and geese at my place tomorrow.  I have a license, though.

well its a pretty retarded thing for our city council to be thinking about in this day and age, but I guess if they feel like passing laws like this is a good use of their time then … more power to 'em.

for you to say that keeping exotic pets has ‘some good’ because they are dying out because of climate change etc. is laughable to me, because the exotic (and often illegal) pet trade is another NEGATIVE pressure on these animals and their ecosystems. So you’re building yourself a little biosphere where you can keep your hedgehogs in a natural and complete ecosystem and continue the species on into the future? gimme a break.

Just remember to bring a plastic bag when you take them for a walk around the neighbourhood cause there isn’t anything worse than duck or geese poo on a front lawn! :imp:

Agreed.  Or have a U Haul trailer following behind you as you take your pet elephant for a walk. :smile:

i just read that bylaw…
its for entertainers coming into town that have live animal acts

so i guess no more circus for us

what prompted this decision anyways?
was there some freak elephant accident at the last circus we had or somthing?

Prince George has the anti-circus bylaw too.
It’s not fair, I want to get eaten by a tiger!

I can’t believe nobody has made a cougar joke yet.  This is HTMF people, where are the cougar jokes?

Well perhaps they’re already an endagered species, since that fellow new to town logged onto htmf…

"Hey, I am a single guy in my twenties moving to Prince Rupert soon. I haven’t been there yet, so I was just wondering if there are a lot of single women in the area? "

The cougar jokes are there…but there is fear amongst …

Just remember to bring a plastic bag when you take them for a walk around the neighbourhood cause there isn’t anything worse than duck or geese poo on a front lawn! :imp:[/quote]

The only trip those geese and ducks are going to make are into Mig’s freezer.

I have a theory. To be a cougar you need to be nimble and quick.  I was in rupert in august… they didnt look very nimble or quick.

I was under the impression you could have Rabbits… seeing as how they’re sometimes sold at the local pet shop, and I know several people who have them as pets.

As for the issue being discussed in this thread–I’m not sure I like the idea that lizards and snakes are included. Does that mean the local shop has to stop selling the tiny ones? I guess though, if they want to keep larger snakes and lizards out of town they have to disallow all snakes/lizards.

Of course, we all laugh at the idea of a pet crocodile or ape… and yes, it seems to make more sense to ban exotic animals if they would effect our local eco-system. However, even though we may laugh at the idea of a pet whale in the backyard wading pool… there are some stupid people in the world… and it’s those people who would want a pet orca.

I cant believe with all the stuff happening in this city…
That on the front page of the daily rag we have to deal with the likes of exotic animal bans!!!
Who really cares?..should it be on the ront page??  I dont think so…theres more pressing issues.

You read the Daily News? 

So you’re the one!

Yeah and only on a Wednesday and a Friday…when its my favourite price.