Ballmer: Microsoft Still Wants Yahoo!

MS + Yahoo?!  Meh. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]Microsoft (MSFT) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer says he’s still interested in buying Yahoo! (YHOO), or at least part of it.

Even though Yahoo’s previous management spurned a takeover bid last year from Microsoft, the software giant’s chairman and CEO said on Mar. 19 that he has spoken by phone with new CEO Carol Bartz and that he “sees a real opportunity for a deal.”

“There is a fairly compelling set of economics that underpin a search partnership,” Ballmer said in an interview with BusinessWeek Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler during the McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York. “When [Bartz] is ready, we will have a discussion.” [/quote]

MS still wants Yahoo

I guess he’s going to  have to change his “Wooohoo!”  for “Yahooo!” if he succeeds.

LMAO…he is one intense man! :smiley:  Type A personality methinks.

wtf? That Ballmer dude took some percosets or something.

What’s the rationale behind Yahoo! selling off to Microsoft?

An interesting point of view from groundswell:

According to one source it’s really all about face-crack and we all know how much time we spend on that after HTMF.

Respectively that means that we would have two mother-corp. organizations with media content developers/providers paying out either Microsoft or Google to become relevant on the Web.

MS is working towards their goal of being overlords of the solar system:-)