Bailout: Will it work?

It will be interesting to see what effect the bailout package has on the US economy.  One month to go to the US election.  I hope Obama can hold on to his slim lead.

[quote]NEW YORK ( – The $700 billion bailout plan signed into law Friday may get banks to start lending to each other again. But it remains to be seen how long that will take to jumpstart an ailing economy.

The goal is to unfreeze the credit markets. Financial institutions have become paralyzed with fear and though they have plenty of cash on hand, they’ve been hoarding it. Without this intra-bank lending, businesses are having trouble getting the financing they need even for daily operations, much less loans for longer-term projects.

“Hopefully, this will lend a calming effect to the markets,” said Joe Belew, president of the Consumer Bankers Association. “We need to take a deep breath, relax and start doing business again.”

Don’t expect lending to ramp up overnight, however. It may take weeks for confidence to return, experts said. Or even longer.

The centerpiece of the bill allows the government to eventually buy up to $700 billion in assets tied to shaky mortgages. Getting the bad paper off banks’ balance sheets hopefully will give institutions more confidence to start lending again. [/quote]

CNN Money

I hope Obama can hold on to his slim lead.[/quote]

Not that slim of a lead these days, especially if you consider the electoral college implications of the polls:

The election will be wonderful if it plays out like that.  One month to go. :smile:

The GOP is nothing if not predicable.  Today Palin stated that Obama pals around with terrorists.
I’m happy that Obama is hitting back hard when these accusations surface.  Obama learned from John Kerry that sitting quietly when you’re attacked is dangerous.
It will be a nasty month.