Bag Lady

I’ve lived in Prince Rupert for almost two years now and every once in a while I see an old woman (who looks to be homeless)wearing some sort of plastic jacket pushing a cart full of stuff. She’s also got a severe stoop or hunchback. I’ve heard most people refer to her simply as the ‘bag lady’ and never a name. I’ve heard rumours that her family died in a fire and she went crazy to shes just poor, homeless and crazy.
I’m just going to be outwardly nosy and ask if anyone knows the answers to the mystery of the bag lady?!

I’ve actually heard she’s extremely wealthy… Don’t know if that’s true.

She has money, and She has a fair sized house. Her son is living with her. I had a great big chat with her one day early last year. maybe year be for talking about life and everything that has happend and that. She is very modest person and chat when I can. When she had her Loving dog she used to find human food that was top of the line and this is why it was over weight lol (if anyone remembers). poor thing ended up passing from cancer and other old age causes. :frowning:  now for her family, I haven’t heard anything about all of them passing tragically in a fire except her daughter as to what she had “rumorably” witnessed. I wasn’t there, so you can’t say yay or nay to it. no matter what it is that is happend in her life, she is still a sweet, and respectful person :smile:

She has tonnes of money, a nice house

Her daughter died in a house fire, and her husband died of cancer, then she went a little bit crazy

As for being sweet, i dont call her sweet she’s been caught stealing stuff from grocery stores before claiming “its going bad, your going to throw it out, i might as well take it.”

Any store that we know of, shit she could have done us all a favor by doing that. I have spoken with her a few times and she seemed gentle enough.

This lady has twin daughters that live out of town, her oldest daughter died30 years ago in a tragic house fire, her husband passed away about 4 years ago, and I think that her son lives with her. She suffers from a mental disorder caused in part by her grief. She is a very sweet lady.

Mrs. Gardener…smart lady…  the story of her daughter dying in a fire was too much for her, and she slipped into her own comforting world. You cannot judge her by the old clothes and the plastic bag she wears as her rain gear. I have know her on a very small scale, as she lived next to my long time friend on Omenica. She had two large dogs. She scoured the streets and yards for glass, plastics and the odd can she would recycle. I speak with her every time I see her, she’s quiet and very sweet.
Next time you see her…say " Hi ", I’m sure it would make her day… :smile:

Its Mrs Jaeger actually.

  Yes, I am sorry…thanks


Yes I do see her around allot to. And it seems like she is cleaning the streets sometimes… i haven’t had the chance to talk with her at all… but my ex-boyfriend did and he told me she is nice and that her name is Elizabeth i think…