Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Cop’s badge stolen in Prince Rubert home robbery

[quote]A thief who broke into a home in Prince Rupert Sunday made off with an iPod, a camera — and an officer’s wallet and badge, police said Monday.

The suspect or suspects broke in through an unlocked carport or back door, police say.

The wallet was later found by an RCMP dog. Identification and cards, except the RCMP badge, were still in it, police say.[/quote] … story.html

Made my day this story :smile:

mine too!

That is a scary thought , it could be used in a few ways that put individules at risk especially young ladies and they do not need to be set up for any more assaults . I know that it may be in Prince George by now and is worth alot of money to somebody. I think it should be off the streets very quickly .

Never thought about it that way (Impersonation) I’m sure It will be used for illegal activities definitely. I live in Price George.
Your probably right most likely headed out of town for sure. I have only been here 2 months now & 2 or 3 murders scary stuff.

I am having alot of difficulty in understanding how someone can post a note that states that reading that someone else’s home has been broken into and items stolen from that home can “make their day”. Having your home broken into is disgusting, many people feel violated when it happens. And, as Justin has pointed out, having a RCMP badge on the street is scary as hell.