Backing Up Ipods

Who here has gone through hell in backing up there ipods ? I need to reinstall windows as one of my drives faild, However apple makes it hard for you to re-connect your ipod back to your computer with out formatting it, Any one know of a tool or software that allows you to import from your ipod back to your computer with out formatting it ON a new computer install ?

Yes yes im forced to use windows at this moment. … tware.html

Tank’s now to find the correct one.

thanks chrisj for the good find, I too need to do this.

You are very welcome. Astro, I want you know something. I take extremely strong opinions of things, and I will argue with you till the end of time about anything ya like! I want to you to know that just because we dont see eye to eye on the wolf thing it in no way means I dont like you, or think less of you in any way. I respect you sticking to your guns for what you feel is the right thing, and keeping your cool and remaining polite while making your point, I learn from you on that.

Personally I would go with iDump just for the name.