Back to the courts for woman acquitted in Pa’s Market incident

A former member of the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP may soon find himself returning to court, as he is asked to once again defend his actions in a high profile shooting incident from 2006.

Maya Sanford, who was shot by an RCMP officer after she lunged at him with a pair of scissors in the 2006 incident at Pa’s market in Prince Rupert, has decided to sue the officer for the use of excessive force.

A statement of claim was filed in B. C. Supreme Court last week, in it Sanford offers up the opinion that Constable Richard Van de Pol, had no legal justification in shooting her…

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Gimme me a break … she lunges at him with scissors and he defends himself come one!

This person has a history of mental illnes drug and ETOH abuse perhaps the cop in question should have left the scene and let the woman stab the clerk .

We are getting more and more like the US judicial  system in allowing all kinds of piss ant cases to get to court.

I most certainly agree with Maxwell, the officer is faced with an individual with scissors or some blade whatever and he tries to stop him or her now he gets sued. If he walks away then the cops get shit on again for not protecting citizens. The person is trying to make a buck so she or he may get higher case closed if someone looks it over and knows addiction. I think the Constable went through enough shit already having had to shoot. Let us not be like America in any way please.

The case will probably get appealed by the Crown anyways. Since when is doing drugs a valid defense to criminal behavior?

First off, I totally fawking hate police.

But I remember this from 2 years ago, that crackhead totally deserved it. For once I hope the cop wins on this one.

She lunged at him with a weapon, he defended with his weapon. If she didn’t want to get hurt she shouldn’t have been such a dumbass in the whole situation.

If she were to actually win in this, it would give any American a right to come up here and attempt to assault our officers. Her and her lawyer pushing the case can burn in hell.