Baby stuff


Is that a tickle me elmo?

Not JUST an Elmo… an EXTREME!!!

He’s really afraid of it.  So we use it like a scarecrow.  Keeps him away from things he shouldn’t be near.

That’s to funny. I have a tickle me cookie monster and one of our friends came over and I dug out the stuffed animals and handed their little guy cookie monster. The kids 3or4ish and when he squeezed and cookie monster started he totally freaked out. It was sad and funny at the same time.

I see an exer-saucer, best ever kids activity item ever invented!!! :sunglasses:

Remember those baby walkers? Turns out they aren’t so good for babies.

From the 1700’s

We have a walker and an exersaucer for my babe. We used the exersaucer first but she got bored quickly, the walker keeps her occupied and she gets more exercise. I don’t neccassarily think the walker is bad for your kid unless you use it as the babysitter and neglect to watch out for obvious thing like stairs.