Baby Guessing Game

Dave’s having a baby!! So we may as well guess the gender and weight of the new little one.

Girl: 7lbs 3 oz

Congratulations Dave!

Boy or girl?

Mig ur supposed to guess and make it all the more fun for the rest of us, capiche?

Io capisco.

It’s a boy, I bet.

Still no baby. Have been at the hospital since 230 this morning. Hmm. interesting names. We haven’t been told the gender yet, so it will be a surprise to us too.

Boy, 7lbs 10 oz

Baby finially born. It’s a Boy!! First name is Isaac. Weight is 8 and 1/2 pounds. Born at 353am this morning. I’ll upload some pictures later.


way cool!

Congratulations Dave.

congrats dave!

Picture of Isaac:

He’s fuzzy like a kiwi!

Thank you for posting the picture MiG. And thank you all for your thoughts. Isaac and mother are both doing well. :smiley:

Is this your first Dave?

Yes, this is our first child.

well congrats again, guy. now you get to play hot wheels and electric trains all over again. and you can’t take him away fishing with you til he’s at least two!

And I get to experience sleepless nights and screaming baby, but it’s all worth it. Okay, here’s a question: How old was everyone when they were first introduced to computers? I’ve held Isaac in my arm as I type on the keyboard. He seems to like the sound of the keyboard.

i caught my kid trying to boot up a game at three. he only had the floppy upside down, or he would,ve done it

I was first introduced to the old apple computers in Conrad, in grade 1 I think. I remember being one of the only kids in my grade allowed to skip out of class and play games on the computers instead.

Now that I think about it… I was one of the only kids allowed to do that every grade. I would sit outside the library and play computer games almost all day. I loved all the spelling, math and reading games… I rocked at those when I was young.

Now I just suck at the math and science.

because you werent in class for the hard stuff ?