Ugh what a slow, boring stinkfest!  I admit I haven’t seen all of the Oscar nominated movies, but man - what a waste of time. 

For those that haven’t seen The Departed - rent it!  Completely worth it.  Babel?  Sure, go ahead and rent it if you want to see a really slow and boring version of “Crash”.

Thx, I feel better now because Babel was all out. Thought I missed something.
Flushed Away is in this week. I was given a copy weeks ago, it was funny.
**** 4 stars for Departed.

haven’t seen babel yet, have it here but haven’t played the thing yet. Still raving over Jack Nicholson in The Departed, a great role for him and another terrific performance, he surely should pick up an Oscar on Sunday.

Just finished watching A few good men again, they had it on the history channel tonight, one of my all time favourite Nicholson movies “You can’t handle the truth”, one of the great movie lines ever written for him!

For some unknown reason, the community broadcaster decided we’d had enough of History and substituted Turner Movie Classics.
I will be tearing the person’s head off next Society meeting. Even though HIST drove me nutz repeating the same show over and over all weekend,repeating the same three hour block of programs during the week, and insisting on playing “Tour of Duty” in a country that didn’t go to Vietnam at least it wasn’t shit you were sick of by 1965.
Seeing the wonderful job our schools are doing teaching history, even the off chance some kid was too wasted to reach for the remote and accidentally watched it for an hour of Canadian content they’d learn something.

Jack Nicholson was more or less playing himself throughout the whole film.  I love the guy, but Djimon Hounsou was far more deserving (although he didn’t end up getting it anyway).

Note: Alan Arkin ended up getting the prize for Best Supporting Actor, which is great.  He was absolutely brilliant.

:neutral_face: hehe, he wasn’t actually nominated.  Perhaps one would do well to every now and then check out IMDB.  They had the nominees up a week prior (or sooner?) to the show.