Hey!!!He is a minor and part native and has been taken to task but guess what? FUCK ALL HAPPENED.The RCMP went right to his appartment and got almost all of our "stuff"back,took all of an hour.We were told there was sweet f.a. that they could do till he turns 18 in august.He is on facebook telling the police to go F>>>> off,he will do what ever he wants!

LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.


LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.[/quote]

HaHa Bubbasteve, don’t take that personally, I may be wrong but I think possibly JC was referring to the “Bubba” that befriends the pretty boys in the big house !! LOL



LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.[/quote]

You’re secretly a fat man that rapes people in prison?

And this is the part where I point out the relevant section of the FAQ:


I assume that if you post any information here, that you take full responsibility for its accuracy. If you’re going to post anything that could be considered libelous or slander, then don’t expect anonymity.

Of course, it’s not libel or slander if it’s true.

“He has done this at least 25 times” contradicts “100 break-ins, eye witnesses, video evidence…and no arrest.” This is how rumours are started. The next person will write “200 break-ins” etc.

So please don’t post anything unless you’re willing to stand behind it.

I’m pretty sure the thief is none other than the terrorist Miguel Borges.

But seriously… if this is true I think you need to defend yourself… I mean you are afraid he might hurt you or your family right?


LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.

You’re secretly a fat man that rapes people in prison?[/quote]

LOL JC usually refers to me as “Bubba” as do alot on this site.
Not a fat man who rapes, a fat woman with crutches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I know of several houses in that area that have been broken into. I can’t say it’s been 25 or 100 or any particular amount, but for sure there has been some major B+Es in that area. One family had ALL of their presents stolen before Xmas except for one, which was apparently too heavy for one person to carry.

So what is the answer?Pay him a visit?

raising hand

On a personal level, I do not have to question the validity of this particular incident. It happened!

Thee-oh-door-oh is open? He’ll walk right in!

unreal… where are F@%K are the parents?!

I have not or will not disclose this kids name, however I was in a conversation with a local officer of the law ( 3 of my neighbours have caught him )Not sure as to why he can’t or has not been charged. Are you allowed legally to defend your property if you catch him in your house? I don’t want to be breaking any laws but really … WTH is going on with this kid? Something is fishy here … not the story because I know in at least 5 instances that his involvement is 100% accurate. Is it because of his age … if so I think we need to start working on the legal system or lack of one

Canadian law is based on the premise that you can use “reasonable” force to defend yourself. What’s “reasonable” can’t really be summed up because every situation must be judged on it’s own merits, but basically you’ll be expected to explain yourself for whatever actions you take. If someone enters your home and leaves on a stretcher, you had better have an explanation other than “he was in my house.”

There has been some talk about a block watch or C.O.P for this part of town.He does not turn 18 till August,too long to wait.Maybe if more of us pressured the RCMP they would NOT have a choice but to do something before one of us does something they may regret!

This is exactly what is wrong with how our Judicial system views underaged offenders, and the lack of responsibility taken by anybody.
The “child” can’t be held responsible, the mother is not responsible, then should’nt the system be responsible for the loss of property and emotional toll this sort of thing takes on a household?
This “kid”, is the same age as my nephew, but my nephew has finished highschool and is currently working out options for a carreer and and doing adult things.
I don’t really know what my point is here, except, IMO, this lowlife is gonna be a burden on society forever, the police know it, his parent knows it and so does everyone who has been victimized by him.

Unfortunately, the RCMP can only go so far without breaking the law themselves… and that isn’t going to happen. They’re hands are tied when it comes to the Young Offenders Act R.S.C. 1985. Personally, I think if an individual commits a crime who is protected under the said Act, the parents should be held responsible. Someone asked ‘where are the parents?’ I know of the individual involved in this particular incident and I have seen the surname appear on the Court Docket at Marketplace. I don’t want to speculate, but I’m willing to wager there is more than just a strong connection. The “Act” has to be changed… period!

This individual has been arrested and is remanded pending charges(unknown at this time)so we may get a short respite,who knows for how long.

So three pages of anger management later, it would seem that the Police weren’t quite as helpless to do anything as you originally thought.

Maybe it might have been best to wait until the first available court date after a long weekend to see if anything was going to happen, rather than to get the horses, the rope and look for that fine oak tree.

I ham very surpris butt it look like hour local Gendarme mus read HTMF very close. I ham amaze but appy.