Has anyone in the Pillsbury,Kooteney,Sloan,Mckay st area had a 17 yr old,6ft in their house recently?He paid us a visit again last nite,around 4 or 5 this morning,the worst part is,WE KNOW WHO HE IS AND WHERE HE LIVES!The police are helpless to do anything as he is still a minor.He has done this at least 25 times!Keep your eyes open folks.

Why don’t you shame him and his parents by posting his name and description?

Why dont you defend yourself with a baseball bat. I mean he did come at you right?

We were asleep when he got in…he has been caught in a home,just walked out the door.as if he owned the place.He was living on Kooteney in one of the apartments across from Mccaffery.

post the fuckers name and picture…

please folks do not resort to vigilante justice keep calm…wanna borrow an extra baseball bat?

With most of the Liberal leader candidates, and I am sure NDP leader candidates, once they announce, blathering on about lowering the voting age to 16, maybe they should add lowering the age of minority to 16… I believe the age of consent for sex in this province is 14. How is it that you are considered mature enough at that age to consent to something as serious as sex, but you are still too childish at 17 to be considered criminally responsible. Heard this morning that in Chicago a 10 year old has just been arrested in the shooting death of his mother. We have to start thinking of new ways of treating juvenile criminals. Treating them as victims of age, circumstance or soceity does them no good, nor soceity.

Anyone over the age of 12 can be criminally charged so what are the police talking about exactly?.

So the police and the newspaper people or media are not allowed to print his name. But I am sure one of the folk who posted on the topic know his name. So yeah why not post his name , if he gets sent up Bubba will surely get to know the name.

If I found this idiot in my place , he would think twice about doing another break and enter ,from his hospital bed


Why isn’t anyone questioning the validity of this story? For starters, this has happened at least" 25 times "and has anyone else heard anything about this? This is Prince Rumour, after all, someone would have heard something and secondly and more importantly, how does someone gain access to these homes so easily? 25 different homes and no one has locked their doors? Very strange, the whole thing and scary ! If you know who it is, I am sure the RCMP would have at least questioned him, if not charged him, he would have been given the heads up !

If it is the same kid as was described in a previous post … he has done this closer to 100 times! Our neighbour got him red handed and on video to boot … he sent an email with the kids name and description around in to his email friends, The kids family was upset … imagine that!

Does seem a bit far fetched doesn’t it?

Hey!!!He is a minor and part native and has been taken to task but guess what? FUCK ALL HAPPENED.The RCMP went right to his appartment and got almost all of our "stuff"back,took all of an hour.We were told there was sweet f.a. that they could do till he turns 18 in august.He is on facebook telling the police to go F>>>> off,he will do what ever he wants!

LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.


LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.[/quote]

HaHa Bubbasteve, don’t take that personally, I may be wrong but I think possibly JC was referring to the “Bubba” that befriends the pretty boys in the big house !! LOL



LOL Justin, I’m nowhere near that age, and I don’t live on that side of town anyhow.[/quote]

You’re secretly a fat man that rapes people in prison?

And this is the part where I point out the relevant section of the FAQ:


I assume that if you post any information here, that you take full responsibility for its accuracy. If you’re going to post anything that could be considered libelous or slander, then don’t expect anonymity.

Of course, it’s not libel or slander if it’s true.

“He has done this at least 25 times” contradicts “100 break-ins, eye witnesses, video evidence…and no arrest.” This is how rumours are started. The next person will write “200 break-ins” etc.

So please don’t post anything unless you’re willing to stand behind it.

I’m pretty sure the thief is none other than the terrorist Miguel Borges.

But seriously… if this is true I think you need to defend yourself… I mean you are afraid he might hurt you or your family right?