Ayjaye has 10,000 in a Nigerian bank account and needs your help

I think we need to do a study on what products we can manufacture here
,so we can train our young folks to build there futures around.We have a
world class port to export at a good cost for shipping and china and India
is a big market we can tap into.

You could be our trade ambassador!

We have lots of people talking and considering and wanting to be ambassadors.
We don’t have any actually making something to trade.

Your Granpa was saying the same thing. We need secondary manufacturing in Canada.

  Good Morning ajaye… :smiley:… what’s on the agenda today…

Hey wait a second.  What’s become of your mission to question city hall?
You were leading the charge to ‘bring down the man’.  Have you sold out?

Can we trade our ambassador?

Hang on, ajaye’s on message. Economic development is a city hall function … to the tune of $90K last year. Hiring the next economic development officer and trade ambassador is probably the priority right now … but I’m pretty sure that if hired Herb will be open to suggestions and talking points about how to create some other jobs.     

I would love to see herb pond head this he is a go getter.

Goes and gets what exactly?

He has the personality and the contacts to bring business back to our town.


Was he not the mayor when this town was going in the shitter?
The best predictor of the future is the past.

That being said;

A.) Herb Pond will not lead an economic recovery here or anywhere else.

B.) Ajay will remain a dumbass

Herb has personality and that’s about all he will be able to bring. 
Rudy likes sports, and that’s his strong suit.

If we add any more light-weights to city hall it may begin to float.  No wait, all that taxpayer money should keep them well weighed down.

Herb is a leader and he works hard i don’t think its fair to judge him
when he came into the city when skeena already had gone down.

Ajaye, you are so naive. Herb has lived here for a long time, and as such is known by many people around the area. He is a charming and charismatic guy, but this does not make him either qualified nor effective to do much. Many people just like him shmooze thier way into high paying, high profile positions doing basically ‘fuck all’. If he was paid what he was actually worth, he would be earning minimum wage. If I was running my own business, I wouldn’t hire him to do shit, nor you for that matter. You can hire him if you like, but not with my money. Why don’t you and him go into business together. You think he’s a leader, he does not lead any team that I want to play for, nor invest in. Sorry Ajaye but you need a serious reality injection.

I’m sorry but that’s not fair don’t judge him on his personal situations herb
is a strong christian and is act in his church and is a family man everyone
makes mistakes in life and we need to look at the positive things that a person
can bring in,i think its wrong and very cruel for you to say that he is not worthy,
we all were behind Dan miller for years the unions backed him up with thousands
and in the end he shafted us by telling the city don’t worry i will look after you
just wave the taxes from skeena.we need to have a marketing man and that
person is herb at lest give him a chance to try.

Being a “strong Christian” is quite an irrelevant quality in this modern society, and to be more precise it’s more of a liability.

I’m Buddhist, does that make me a quality person? Nope.

Ajaye, can I get an interview out of this post, I have seen the players and I know the players, plus some of the players worked under me at one time. I know the city and as well some of the crap that seems to flow among many of us tax payers. Give me a chance yeah and I have been known to sit in churches…lol

being a good christian or religious has just started wars in the past we dont need any more  :imp:

I said that I have been known to sit in churches, I can refrain from doing that give me an interview, the people come first and always did. Come on Ajaye.