Ayjaye and the 419 continues

You need to look to god my friend,man does not have the answer look what he has
done,the power is in you to seek the fruit that you desire.

Pretty sure that was a job offer. If you’re a good salesman he has all the snake oil you could hope to sell

I think PLA and Jesus are two guys who just sit at home anddrink beer and smoke weed.
i don’t think they have jobs so they cant help you.

  It is the fruit that labourers seek “after” a hard days work… :sunglasses:

I made 1k this week. Pretty sure I earn my beer. Its not like I’m a city worker :wink:

I wish I have the time and money to do that.  :-D

Except I don’t smoke. =.=

Remember, Jesus is the Son of God. Please listen and follow Jesus while he’s saving people in HTMF.   :stuck_out_tongue: