AWOL Cat: Piper Too

Posting for my relative – sorry about the angle of the photos – having trouble turning it for some reason but either way, this little guy is Sadly missed by his family. Piper is a 5 year old, black & white, neutered male cat. He was last seen in his yard on May 27th, enjoying a beautiful sunny day. That night he did not come home which is not like him. Piper was absconded from his neighborhood and could be anywhere. He is not a wanderer and is very sweet. There is a tattoo in his ear although it’s probably hard to read by now without veterinary assistance. He is registered with Pacific Veterinary Hospital. Piper’s family has been looking for him for months. The last time he was cat-napped it took 8 days before he found his way home. If you have seen him, or know of his whereabouts, please PM.

Many thanks!!