Awesome basketball

I’m thinking we’re gonna need a separate youtube forum soon :wink:

Yep some pretty great drama there, clank, clank and then clawing your way back to victory with a last second basket.  You feel sorry for the poor guy Malvik who missed on the orignial free throw that gave Barton a second life.

You’re right now that we have the secret decoder key to inserting You Tube videos you may need to create a seperate spot for them.  :sunglasses:

That was unbelieveable.  Imagine Atkinson’s emotions…makes an incredible shot to get within one, misses the free throw and has to foul, and then ends up with an unlikely lay-up to win the game at the buzzer.  And it wasn’t like it was some high school game that no one saw either, this was the Division 2 National Championship game.  Awesome.

This will become one of those legendary games.  Can’t wait for the movie.

This footage proves what I thought all along:  It’s pointless to watch a whole basketball game.  Just watch the last 3 minutes, which will usually feel like 15 because of the fouls and foul shots.

I guess the main difference between division I and division II isn’t skill level but the average height of the players.

It’s been a favourite cliché of mine for years that  you only need to watch the last two minutes of a basketball game, unless you want to see all 50 of Kobe’s points.