Avian Flu

I recently read a write up in the Province newspaper that prompted me to think about this issue that we are facing today.
I am not sure what to think. Is it just the media trying to worry us, the same way they did with the whole millenium ordeal, or is it something we are going to be facing in the near future? I guess only time can tell


Honestly. I think everyone needs to watch Bowling for Columbine again. Not for the message against guns but the one about how the media makes a big deal about small issues and puts us into mass paranoia. what ever is going to happen will happen why make a huge deal about it? I am not trying to downsize the fact that we might be in trouble with this avian flu thing but honestly what do they want us to do kill all the birds so it wont transfer to us?

A plot so sinister, only Major League Baseball could be behind it?

Bring on the pandemic!