Anyone here use Avast Anti Virus scanner?  Or should I just keep AVG on?


I’ve had great success with both AVG and Avast!. The boot-scanner on Avast is neat, but not necessary.

Stick with AVG if you’re happy with it.

I’d definitely stick with Avast, the detection rate & disinfection has surpassed AVGs.

Not only that but there’s also less false positives with Avast.

I’ve used both, but I’m currently using AVG now. :smile:

I use the Professional Avast BartPE and have had some success with it.
I started installing it on customer systems as it talks to you. They’re all too fucking stupid to notice that AVG warning that pops up in your face and says it was time to upgrade to AVG 8 a year ago. The ones that do are too fucking stupid to find AVG 8 Free edition.