Avalanche- HWY 16 closed between Prince Rupert and Rainbow Summit

I just heard on CBC radio that there has been an avalanche between Prince Rupert and Rainbow summit.  Highway 16 is closed.

“Closed in both directions from Rainbow Pass to 17 km west of Shames Ski Hill Road (78.2 km) because of Mud Slide. Updated on Mon Jan 12 at 5:11 pm. (ID# 74168)”

drivebc.ca/details.jsp?event … &district=

I’m going to go buy all the milk at Safeway!

too late I already did… Punched some guy out… for trying to take some of mine out of the cart…  :imp:

and I have the sore nose to prove it lol

I claim Overwaitea, ya’ll stay the hell away now, ya hear… :imp:

Actually two closures one near Kasiks and the other by Rainbow

bclocalnews.com/bc_north/ter … 74624.html

BAHAHAHA at the milk nazi’s - that was great!  Here, let me dangle some shiny keys to distract you all while I go get all the fuel in town - ooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny keys!

LOL, in a fortuitous bit of timing I actually filled up my car on Sunday night… must have been something in the air that steered me to the gas station.

Hahaha - I admit I did fill my car last night, but for seemingly ulterior motives…  We took the ferry from Port Hardy in my husband’s car and had the dogs in the car - apparently they got bored because they chewed completely through one seatbelt and about halfway through the other - so I filled my car since we’ll be ‘sharing’ until it his car can be fixed.