Auto Body Shop?

I am wondering if anyone around Rupert knows of anyone that does Body work and paint around Rupert that is “Fairly priced” and gets the job done great? I have heard that A&J are pretty good, but haven’t hear nothing on estimated prices for cars. As well, anyone that does rim’s…

A&G is great place to get work done on your vehicle

Maybe on Monday I will go their and see what they have to offer, is their anywhere else ?

I think Joes Autobody is the only other place in town.  There used to be one in the industrial site but I believe he works for Joe now.

Yeah, Pierre lafrance.

Joes is good, as is A&G.

I couldn’t tell you an estimated price, I don’t think there is a way to do that, seeing as I don’t know what you need done, nor does anyone else, I’m not sure there is set prices for anything. Well of course there is, but you get the point, unless you’re a body man, you can’t really tell what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Go to both places and talk to them. That’s what I suggest.

I’ve had work done by A & G.  They have fair prices and do good work.

sounds awesome :smile:

Joe’s has always been awesome with me.  I’ve done a few ICBC claims through them, and they were quick and professional.  They’ve also done two non-ICBC jobs and the price was a lot less than I expected. 

I have to agree with mig there, Joe did some ICBC work for me and the service was great, and fast, plus they have courtesy cars

awesome! thank you all so much, has anyone ever had to have Vehicle rim’s redone? I want to get the rim’s completely repainted as well, or would joe’s do that as well?

There is one other shop in town as well owned and operated by Don MacLeod, it is located at 340 kaien Road bay #3. on the right side on the way to the old sawmill site, in the same building as R & D motors, there’s a sign that says Car-go services. Don is also both fair and professional, but it is definitely a smaller shop than the others. 250-624-4451

AHEM! MODERATORS! Shouldn’t this subject be in the commercial site along with the firewood etc.?

Uh, no, because it’s not an advertisement for selling or buying something…

I think it would be different if it was Joe’s autobody or A&G posting here telling us they had firewood for sale.

Nothing wrong with asking for opinions.

Thank you MIG, and sorry if i offended anyone, I have Never had anything done professionally done with a car into regards of a paint job, and figured that I would ask opinions :smile: I am not hear to Sell anything  :smiley:

Nope.  This isn’t advertising, he’s asking for an opinion.  This request is just fine.

I think this is an excellent thread.  I’ve learned that Joe’s business also does good work.  That is good to know.  :sunglasses:

Don’s shop also does restoration work,a lot of Bikers and Car guys use him for their project vehicles.

I have never heard of don’s shop? who is this? and location as well? hehehe

that’s all the info ya need right there.