Aurora Borealis Photos

Hey Everyone,

Saturday was by far the most intense I’ve ever seen the Northern Lights. And once I heard they were going to be out I started to plan where I would photograph them…I settled on the Nisga’a Memorial Lava Beds Provincial Park up near New Aiyansh. Below are a few shots from that night. Enjoy!
Lava Aurora by bbroderick86, on Flickr

These next 2 were taken at a small lake just north of Terrace.
Northern Lights Reflection by bbroderick86, on Flickr
Northern Lights Close-up by bbroderick86, on Flickr

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Thanks for looking!


You have some really nice shots! I wish I could take natural photos that well.

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If I get some time tonight, I’ll add it.

Wonderful photographs! :smile:

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Awesome photos! I’ve only seen the Northern Lights a couple times in my life and both times I had no way to capture them. I’m really glad you were in the right place at the right time and could share with us.

Great pics!