Aug. 7 Vancouver Shooting - RIP Zach Ferland

My sympathy to his family and his many friends in Prince Rupert.  Zach was a student of mine for two years and it was easy to see that he was loved by many.  I’ll always remember him.

These post are fine regarding Zach , I appreciate the outpouring of messages . I met Zach a few years ago and yes once he allowed you to know him he was a great kid or young lad, I will miss his smile and the usual greeting when we touched base. The young ones should take notice now of choices we must make in our young lives. Rest in Peace Zach and thanks again for the honest smiles .

Such a tragic ending for such a young life.

My condolences to his family and friends.

I’ve Known Zach’s parents since 1980; I didn’t know their boys personally but can see Zach will be missed by many friends and family.
My condolences to Zach’s family.

I didn’t know Zach or his family but 2 of my boys did know him threw school and one graduated  2006 with him ,and one in 2005. my son that graduated in 2005 said he was a easy guy to talk to.he says he will be missed .