Aug. 7 Vancouver Shooting - RIP Zach Ferland

You will be missed.

Agreed.  The shooting is a tragedy. 
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I thought guns were banned in Canada.

RIP  Zach  …:frowning:    (f)

They are harder to get up here, my friend.  The gang violence is getting worse in Vancouver.

Harder for law abiding citizens maybe. For criminals? Doubt it.

There are fewer guns in circulation up here in Canada which is a good thing. 
Yes, I meant harder for law-abiding citizens.

it’s easier in the city here to get a 9mm out of a van from a dude name Mo then it is to get an FAC and buy an .22 from Canadian Tire…gee i wonder why people choose the first option.

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Was this Zach person a local of Prince Rupert?

yes he was they have a In loving memory of Zach Furland group on facebook also sooo yeah

what happened …well I know there was a shooting but anyone know any specifics or??
and Im not trying to disrespect anyone…

Zach Ferland is a 2006 grad of PRSS who was tragically killed in Vancouver two days ago.  Zach was loved by many, and will be greatly missed by his family and his classmates.  Don’t want to say too much more, as we’re all trying to come to terms with this very sad event. 

way to be on top of things…must feel good

My deepest sympathies go out to his family.  This is a terrible event.
Welcome to HTMF, qrstuv.

  MY deepest sympathies to his family, friends and classmates.  Time will heal and the memories of times shared with Zach will be with you always. Take good care of yourselves…

Zach , you shall be missed in many ways my friend . We only had a few years with friendship but you will continue to that smile I knew. Rest in peace my friend see you again.

Yes, He graded in rupert and went to vancouver the next couple days after grad.

My thoughts are with his family.

RIP Zach

See you in another world someday.


If there are friends of Zack who need additional support through their grieving, I encourage them to call me, or my colleagues at Child and Youth Mental Health in Prince Rupert, 624 7594. This is a free, confidential community service.

Zack’s passing is a sad, sad event, and my sincerest condolences go to his family, and to his friends.