Audio Editing on Mac?

How many questions about Macs can this kid ask?

Somethin’ in my head had me remembering that I was editing Music (from MP3) right out of the box, but I can’t remember what program I was using?!?!

I am basically just wanting to take out a clip from a song to throw onto my Mobile.

What it is?!?!

Okay… I’ve figured out how to do it with GarageBand (kind of).  Kind of because it doesn’t allow me to put just ANY of my songs in, but only some are allowed to be edited… Hmmm?

Also, I don’t want them in .mp4 format… How would I go about swapping to .mp3 or .wav?

And dude, try typing your questions into Google :wink:

As for converting, Quicktime will convert any of those formats.