Attention SCUBA Divers

New SCUBA Club. First meeting is on November 22nd at 7pm. Meeting location at Oceanwild, just below Cowpuccino’s in Cow Bay :sunglasses:

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Nature Freak, Jazella doesn’t have any actual power around here so unless one of the actual moderators tells you that this is wrong I wouldn’t worry about it.

I wouldn’t think posting notice of an event or a meeting would be called ‘advertising’.  Not buying or selling anything!

This is a club so it might be okay.  Not really selling anything…memberships maybe.  I seem to think that we have had other clubs make announcements before.  

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paintball has posted here successfully. i’d like to try scuba diving always been interested

i’d like to try scuba diving always been interested[/quote]

I always wanted to learn too and when I finally did I never regretted it. I even went back and got my advanced training. I haven’t done it in over 10 years, but I never regretted marking it off on my life list of things to do.

There are great dive sites just outside the Prince Rupert Harbour, especially during the winter when the visibility underwater improves. The Tree Nob Group has many diving spots with its numerous kelp forests, reefs, pinnacles and walls. The great thing about diving here in the North Coast is the pristine habitat and the “psychedelic” plants and animals.
Diving is a great sport that can get you close to wildlife for an amazing experience, and it is available in our “backyard”.
Hope to see more people out there diving our underwater gardens.
I will try to post some pics my dive buddy took on a recent dive to the Tree Nobs