Attention Gamers! Cable Internet made available finally!

Just signed up for the service and the earliest I get it is Mar 19. Service is only $30/mth with modem purchase which was only $70 along with the $80 install fee. Hope the ping is better for gaming as the bandwidth says is the same as ADSL at a cheaper price.

static ip or not
i need fixed ips for my websites
maybe more people will go to cable and i will have more bandwidth…
or will it even matter?

It won’t matter.  Cable is the one that’s affected by the amount of people using it, not DSL.

whoa no way!

in rupert?

so it’s $80 altogether to sign up for it?

the $80 includes Modem Rental/Install Fee/Per Month Charge of Service?

$30 first month
$70 Modem Purchase
$80 Install fee
Total $180 first month then $30/mth After that, no static IP, its dynamic.
Like when DSL came out, we gamers ping 30 to Seattle servers, now we be lucky to get it under 100. Even if I get the same ping at least I’ll be saving $20/mth using the same service.

Um… so here is the obvious question. Why is it cheaper for the same bandwidth?

yo doc holliday I will just wait for your opinion of the service until I make any decisions.

the main thing I am interested in, is like you said - lower pings.

ever since “citywest” got “better” I get about 100-200 ping in every game server I go into.

and this is Canada, Or US servers.

which is BS 'cause people in Europe are getting better pings than we are. lol

but aside from the ping, I am also interested in Bandwidth.

I’m on Premium DSL and I’m downloading at the same speed as the average Standard DSL user.

so if Cable gets the full bandwidth at any given moment I’ll be convincing my household to switch over.

the dynamic IP is also a very good feature. as I have many bans from game servers because of my “mars ping”

hahahaha mars ping

Because unlike dsl, cable is like dial-up, the more people that use it, the slower it becomes.  Further reading on the subject:


it’s like

“wow we can offer less of a service, and charge more!”

everyone jumped on that bandwagon (whoever came up with the idea of cable internet for rupert . . .)


without a doubt, the cable internet will be thrown in the ditch with our “premium dsl”

Wow was just checking my bandwidth before my cable internet is installed today. Any1 else experience this bandwidth surge.


Thats marginally faster than the last time I tested…about 300kbs down. :neutral_face:

Notice the ping to Vancouver being longer than to Seattle  :neutral_face: :neutral_face:
All test with cable internet connection, yes I’ll enjoy the bandwidth while it last, Good to play with pings under 100 again, can now join servers outside of BC again.

Nice speed! :sunglasses:


lol poor eso,  i wanna cut my wrists too.

u can keep your Cable,  :unamused:

when u signed up for it it said you could also get speeds like 1.2 megs as more people go to cable the speeds will come down and with a 8 gig download Cap and…

most people here would be paying after a few days of use;  Ill keep my ADSL Highspeed uncapped line.

as more people move to cable my speeds will increase.

Does Citywest control ad sell the Cable ?

If so then the speeds should not be that much different, its just another way of getting internet, citywest only has so much bandwidth.

I don’t think most people in Rupert really ever had a problem with connections between Citywest and their home computers.  That is, if you are within the range necessary for DSL service… if you are at the edge of the range, then that might be a problem.

I think people have always just complained about Citywest’s pipe to the rest of the world.  That’s where the ping times and the capacity problems came from, not from the connection between your house and Citywest.

Changing from DSL to cable isn’t really going to change that.  You still have to share out of town bandwitdh with everybody else like you did with DSL.

I don’t think Citywest’s connection has been flakey at all lately, has it?

That was my point :stuck_out_tongue:

As well as your local loop.
Things will get better when they have bandwidth shaping fully implemented. Buah-hah-hah ! :imp: