Ati Raedeon 4870

Powercolor Radeon HD 4870 770MHZ 1GB 3.6GHZ GDDR5 PCI-E 2XDVI-I Video Card … PowerColor

I just recently ugraded my vid card. ill sell it for around $80. reply or pm me for more info.

are you willing to hold it for someone? or is it something you need to sell right away? I get paid next week and will definately take it off your hands.

does it still work well?

any problems with overheating?

and has it ever been overclocked?

reason for asking is, I have a friend who’s video card just died and while he’s willing to wait until Jan. or Feb. to buy a new card, I think this’ll make a good christmas present :smile:

also, what did you upgrade to? gtx5xx series? amd 68xx series? I myself have a gtx480, I upgraded from a amd HD5770 :smile: