Athletes World Friends and Family Event!

Ok folks… I have to do it - insert shameless plug here:

Athletes World is hosting a Friends & Family event this weekend, from Friday August 17th to Sunday August 19th.  For those three days only, receive 30% off original ticketed merchandise or 20% off sale merchandise!  Our shoes are still Buy One, Get One 50% Off as well!!!

Don’t let this sale get away… this is the best Back To School sale Athletes World has seen in a LOOOONG TIME!  These prices are better than our employee discounts!!

No need to print out the flyer, just come on down and check us out!!  We are open Friday 9:30am-9pm, Saturday 9:30am-6pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

You’ll prolly burn in hell for that!!  LOL!!!

Geez and after I bought the basketball team their shoes and sweat pants yesterday… :unamused:

WOOHOO! Buy one pair of Crocs and get another for half price! My whole family can finally afford to slog around in ugly florescent footwear!!

Seriously though… thanks for posting this smartass.

Are you sponsoring them?  What are they called?  Podunktrotters?  Podunkthoseballers?

Slam Podunk!

KAO, I need some shoes.

damn, nobody told me this was coming when I bought a pair of Vans yesterday!  :angry:

Thinking of the Podunk Salmonstalkers, but open to any and all suggestions… :unamused:

The Podunk Freeballers?

ThePodunkian Dream Team

We had no prior knowledge of the sale starting until Thursday night after close.  Because it’s the Friends and Family… it just gets sprung on us quite quickly.  I hope you took advantage of the Buy One Get One 50% off with your Vans though :smiley:

The Podunkadonks?

Well it’s certainly preferable to the Podunk a dorks…  :wink: