At the Movies

Now can someone be kind enough to explain to me and the rest of Prince Rupert why we are not able to watch a good movie such as Lincoln ? Must we wait for the DVD to be released ? Come on Jackie there are many in this town who do enjoy watching a good movie instead of alot of CRAP movies .

Go back to Texas you dirty yank

I think people from Texas would take exception to being called “Yanks.”

Meanwhile, what is the issue, Justin Case? The movie isn’t playing a the theatre?

Jeez whine much, Mr. Case?

The three selections listed for PR Cinemas are actually “A” list movies and relatively popular at the moment.

End of Watch
Rise of Guardians

The poor lady only has three screens to work with… A bit of patience

Maybe the DVD version is best, give you some time to prepare for the surprise ending!

[quote=“MiG”]I think people from Texas would take exception to being called “Yanks.”

Meanwhile, what is the issue, Justin Case? The movie isn’t playing a the theatre?[/quote]

who cares, they are from texas.

oh and just buy yourself a decent projector, sound system, and download the movies you want to watch thats what I do.

And who says Lincoln won’t eventually be shown here - and that it’s good, for that matter? Yes, it’s critically acclaimed but Jackie’s job is to try and bring movies that people want, including the Twilights of this world, that are hugely popular despite being reviled by critics (and me).

Is it a new version of “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”? That one was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

most importantly the hobbit is in theaters this weekend ^.^

Hey Justin Case,

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, but let’s just say there’s a disaster at the theatre.

Cut her some slack…most new release movies (unless they are big blockbusters or very popular…none of which Lincoln is) are released 1-5 weeks after their initial premieres at Famous Players PR.

I am sure the movie you want to see will arrive, but have some patience.

I almost feel guilty for asking a simple question in regards to what they claim is a great movie . I figure someone in your group may choke on the popcorn and grease , so enjoy whatever you get and have to watch.

I have to agree with JC. There is so much negativety towards someone’s opinions or ideas on some of these threads, that i really am finding this site to be one i come to less and less. It appears that respectfull dialogue is something that is not important, but someone’s disrespectful rant is tolerated. Why is it also necessary to disparage one’s nationality or country of origin. I would prefer to see as it is most of the time, intelligent banter not name calling and the out right dissing of someone’s post. What gives?

You expect an abundance of intelligent banter?..are you drunk?

You weren’t asking a simple question or making a simple statement. That would have been like this: “I wonder if Lincoln is going to be at our cinema? I hope so because I hear it’s great!”

Instead, you took Jackie to task even though the movie could still come here at some point, and inferred that most of what she brings is CRAP.

Next time, be more civil yourself.

My rants are not even just tolerated they are expected. They have been a mainstay on this site longer than you’ve been on here so suck it up. As I said to the Albertans who disliked my driving while I was there: I’m from BC, fuck you, you’re welcome. I don’t think they liked me either but they were more tolerant than you, you whiny hippocrite. Show me some tolerance would you.

Typical replies no surprise to me… makes my point stronger… thanks to all of you who replied with some sense of respect.

Look at what the original poster stated. What are you going to expect from how he worded what he did. He was being pretty rude if you ask me.

You’re very welcome.

Thanks for your input Speedy: I brlieve we need to be concerned if being ignorant and rude is an appropriate way to respond and have it justified as ‘being expected.’